RV Style

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Sunspaces of West Michigan will enlarge your living space with a new Total Room Package. Just pick a style, choose the area and let Sunspace of West Michigan do the rest. In as little as one day we can add a new living space to your existing park model trailer. Bright, sunny and relaxing your new Sunspace room will turn into your favourite room to spend time in.

Thermal Sun Room Walls

Building on the three-season sunroom the Thermal sunroom takes you to a new level in comfort. By offering three inch extruded insulated aluminum pillars and double-glazed windows, the thermal sunroom allows you to extend your seasons enjoyment. Whether it is a three-season or thermal sunroom you will enjoy a new, high quality, customized comfortable sunroom.

Three Season Sun Room Walls

A three-season sunroom is a bright addition to any RV. Whether it’s a park model or travel trailer, to be used as a living area, dining room or bedroom, the possibilities are endless. Sunspace two-inch extruded, insulated, aluminum pillars with single-glazed glass or vinyl-glazed windows give the three-season sunroom strength, stability and a virtually maintenance-free exterior. Not only are you adding living space to your RV but you’re also adding value to your RV with a three-season sunroom from Sunspace.

WeatherMaster Sun Room Walls

If you enjoy the open airy feeling of your existing deck but want protection from bugs, the elements and harmful UV rays, the Sunspace WeatherMaster system is what you’re looking for. Made with 2″ foam panels and extrusions, the walls incorporate the versatile 4-track vinyl window and screen system. Vents are glazed with ViewFlex, a tough, resilient vinyl, available in clear, smoke grey, dark grey and bronze. The window units effortlessly slide up or down allowing a generous 75% ventilation opening.

Patio Roofs and Hard Awning for Sun Room Additions

The patented Sunspace roof system is available in 3″, 4″, and 6″ thick panels and have been designed to withstand heavy loads and the most severe climates. Sunspace roof panels have a high density foam core with aluminum skins laminated on both sides. every roof system has an internal water troughing system to channel away moisture and comes standard with heavy duty extruded aluminum gutter and fascia.

Additional Sun Room Options

  • Aluminum support posts
  • Decorative railings
  • Glass kneewalls and glass transoms
  • 45o Corners
  • Interior divider walls